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Excavating existing pavement and replace failed culverts on Thiaki Creed Road and Rifle Range Road with new corrugated steel pipe culverts. Environmental management was also implicated heavily throughout this project due to works being undertaken in a sensitive area.

The Mareeba Airport Apron is a taxi way and parking area for Planes, Helicopter landing area and access to the Hangers.

The Job comprised of initial earthworks, drainage from Hanger areas, 2 x 150mm gravel 2.3 & 2.5 and a 2 coat seal of 14mm & 10mm and was completed with taxi way line marking.

Alliance Work – Tableland Regional Council

Robinson Civil Constructions FNQ Pty Ltd constructed a 2.9km drainage structure for the Mareeba Airport.

This included extensive reinforced concrete box culverts and link slab crossings for taxi ways, a causeway crossing, several rock and concrete drop structures, large box culvert structure where the drain crosses Ray Road. Ray Road had to be Reconstructed where the drain crosses and a large gabion structure where the drain enters Atherton Creek.

Cape Flattery Silica Project carried out in the culturally & environmentally sensitive area on the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. Works consisted of -

  • Rehabilitation of eroded slopes & batters
  • Restoration of existing mine roads
  • Construction of new mine roads
  • Construction of overpass for slurry pipe to cross haul road
  • Construction of low iron stockpile area
  • Construction of hard stand area for new mill project
  • Construction of clean water dam
  • Earthworks associated with new treatment mill
  • Works including construction, reconstruction and widening
  • General earthworks

This project included pavement repairs to approximately 22,500m2 of airstrip to allow ongoing use until Stage 2 could be undertaken. The works consisted of profiling existing failures, stabilising of in-situ material and replacement of unbound material where required. Extensive areas of sub grade failure rectified by using milled out pavement material which was recycled by stabilisation in stockpile and reused as subgrade repair.

Works were carried out in a remote and environmentally sensitive area on Cape York Peninsula. Conditions were at times extreme and strict client consultation and communication was necessary to achieve the optimum outcome.


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