NDRRA Projects

Wolfram Road

A Combination of mill out and replacement of existing pavement with 250mm of cement modified base and 200mm overlay of 2.1 gravel and insitu stabilize to 300mm with 1.5% GB Cement.

Work areas were sealed, cleaned and rock lined drains and line marked.

Bullaburra Road

Overlay existing road with 150mm of 2.1 gravel and insitu stabilize with 1.5% GB cement.

Work areas were sealed and the road line marked.

This project consisted of works through RoadTek to restore the Peninsula Development Road after 2 cyclones and monsoonal rain saturated the area. Restoration of unsealed surfaces and re-sheeting works were required with a 150mm layer of gravel on various sections of the road from Coen south to Lukin River, a distance of approximately 40km.   Works were carried out too certain constraints with traffic being a major factor as the road was heavily utilised once reopened to the public after the wet season.

Due to the works completed to a high standard, Robinson Civil Group is called on yearly to help assist in the reopening of the Peninsular Development Road reaching RoadTek’s milestone of 4km per day.


Ganyan Drive

Mill out and replace existing pavement with Cement Modified Base. Redefine drains and construct subsoil drains – 2 coat seal on work areas.

Line marking and new kerbs.

Speewah Road

Mill out pavement and subgrade in sections to the depth of 400mm and replace with a layer of 15 CBR subgrade and 210mm layer of 2.1 cement modified base.

Considerable extra subgrade works had to be undertaken in the form of digging out and installing Rock mattresses to a depth of 800mm plus 2 layers of subgrade and cement modified base.

All work areas had a 2 coat bitumen seal and finished off with line marking.

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