Road Reconstruction

In this project the intersection of the Kennedy Highway and Tichum Quarry access was upgraded. The upgrade consisted of an additional eastbound turning lane into the quarry, and lengthening of the existing acceleration lane west of the quarry entrance. This full scope of works included road excavation and reconstruction, rock protection earthworks and bitumen seal, concrete works and drainage structures and road furniture. The location of project was in a high traffic area and there were restrictions imposed by Department of Transport and Main Roads. Continual access to the quarry needed to be maintained so business conducted by Boral could continue throughout the construction.

Technical Requirements worked to:

  • Identification of services and liaison with service providers
  • Traffic management
  • Environmental management, including silt/sediment management.
  • Pavement excavation
  • Treating subgrade
  • Supply of pavement material
  • Construction of new pavement
  • Bitumen surfacing to new pavement
  • Replacing road edge guide posts
  • Concrete kerbing and V drains
  • Grading of longitudinal drainage
  • Removal and chipping of trees and other vegetation
  • Basic earthworks

Special Features of Contract

  • Working closely with the Boral to achieve optimum outcomes
  • Environmental and quality management
  • Keeping traffic disruptions to a minimum in an extremely high traffic area
  • Ensuring both lanes of the highway remained open during peak hour periods as per TMR guidelines
  • Ensuring access road to the Boral Quarry remained open so people had constant access

This project was to rehabilitate and reconstruct damaged road and drainage infrastructure to Bloomfield Falls Road and Horsecrossing Road after the 2014 flood swept through the area.

Bloomfield Road

This project consisted of construction work of eight sites. Works consisted of earthworks, rock mattress, rock gabion, pavement, stormwater drainage, road signage, guide posts, line marking and associated works.

Horsecrossing Road

The project consisted of construction work of two major defect sites. Works consisted of gravel resheet, earthworks, drainage, rock protection, pavement, guide posts, signage and associated works. The major defects includes new road alignment which was constructed to the east of the existing road alignment and joined smoothly at each end with the existing road.

This project consisted of pavement shoulder widening and associated bitumen sealing together with installation of signage and landscaping, Site excavations, general earthworks and subgrade preparation.

The works have been designed to improve the road approaches along Tully Falls Road between new bridges over Lawyer Creek Bridge to Vine Creek bridges. Road approach improvements have been designed to facilitate vehicle movements through the Lawyer Creek and Vine Creek bridges and through the Sunnyside Road intersection.

This project consisted of mill and fill asphalt, subgrade treatment and cement stabilisation works.

Traffic management on this project was quiet extensive with one section requiring control for a six point entry round about. The project was completed during the months of February and March 2015 in which time Tropical Cyclone Nathan hit causing disruptions to the project, nevertheless the project was delivered on time and on budget.

Specific features of the Contract include but are not limited to;

  • Working closely with TMR to achieve optimum outcomes
  • Working with continuous one lane of traffic open  
  • In-situ stabilization (using GB cement powder)
  • Complex Traffic Management
  • Working in a high rainfall area

This project consisted of 4 separate elements all undertaken at the same period of time.

  • Plant Hire for push, screen and pug material from local borrow pits and the transportation of material to work sites on the Peninsula Development Road (PDR).   54,000 Tonne of subgrade fill delivered to site, and 15,000 Tonne of screened and pugged sub base layer.
  • “Full Service” South of Hann Project consisting of 4 kilometres of full construction to subgrade level including 170mm sub base layer in preparation for bitumen seal.
  • Gravel paving program placed 7 kilometres of paving overlay including screening and pugging of material, cartage using 10 sub-contractors involving walking floor trailers & truck and dogs, and full paving crew.
  • Insitu stabilization of existing flood ways and approaches in preparation for bitumen seal.

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