Road Reconstruction

In this project damaged sections of sealed pavement across the Dimbulah area were milled out utilising a profiler at various depths to a maximum of 300mm dependant on existing.   These sections were replaced with 2.1 gravel and fully sealed with a two coat chip seal. Drainage structures that were built up of sediment and debris were cleared utilising a combination of jet rodder and vacuum truck.  The full project scope consisted of but was not limited to the following:

  • Identification of services and liaison with service providers;
  • Traffic management;
  • Environmental management;
  • Grading of longitudinal drainage;
  • Pavement excavation;
  • Treating subgrade;
  • Supply of pavement material;
  • Construction of new pavement;
  • Bitumen surfacing to new pavement;
  • Replacing road edge guide posts; and
  • Reinstating line marking.