Road Reconstruction

This project consisted of 4 separate elements all undertaken at the same period of time.

  • Plant Hire for push, screen and pug material from local borrow pits and the transportation of material to work sites on the Peninsula Development Road (PDR).   54,000 Tonne of subgrade fill delivered to site, and 15,000 Tonne of screened and pugged sub base layer.
  • “Full Service” South of Hann Project consisting of 4 kilometres of full construction to subgrade level including 170mm sub base layer in preparation for bitumen seal.
  • Gravel paving program placed 7 kilometres of paving overlay including screening and pugging of material, cartage using 10 sub-contractors involving walking floor trailers & truck and dogs, and full paving crew.
  • Insitu stabilization of existing flood ways and approaches in preparation for bitumen seal.