Road Reconstruction

This project consisted of works through the Daintree World Heritage Area to restore sections of failed pavement after 2 cyclones and monsoonal rain saturated the area. Restoration of unsealed surfaces and re-sheeting works were required with a layer of 150mm of gravel on the majority of the project.

The project was situated over an area of approximately 75km. Further variations to the contract resulted in extending the bitumen seal on Rykers Rd a further 1.5km

Works were being carried out to certain constraints with environment and cultural protection being major factors, throughout the project over 3000 sandbags and 150 metres of silt fencing were installed. Coordinating the delivery of approximately 50,000 tonnes of gravel to the area, Robinson Civil Group had to work closely with Council and the community to ensure the continuation of gravel supply and the safety of road users. Traffic management was a major factor with the roads being heavily utilised by tourists during construction.

Roads completed include:

  • Banabilla Road
  • Bloomfield Road
  • Buchanan Creek Road
  • Camelot Close
  • Cape Kimberley Road
  • Cape Tribulation Road
  • Carbeen Road
  • Cedar Road
  • Evergreen Road
  • Forest Creek Road
  • Ironbark Road
  • Maple Road
  • Old Forest Creek Road
  • Pandanus Road
  • Quandong Road
  • Red Gum Road
  • Roland Road
  • Rykers Road
  • Spurwood Road
  • Thornton Park Drive
  • Turpentime Road
  • White Beech Road