Road Rehabilitation

Lime process:
  • 2000 Tonne of hydrated lime for road stabilisation consisting of three incorporation passes over two days per lot at a rate of 24.4kgs of hydrated lime per square metre.
Cement process:
  • Daily target of 5000 square metres per day which was met and exceeded at a drop rate of 8.8kgs of cement per square metre.
Polymer Trial:
  • Assisting in the trial of Polymer stabilisation, as this was a first for Cook Shire Council and Robinson Civil Group.
  • Compaction test from the above trial returned positive feedback.
Special Features Of Contract
  • Coordination of delivery of lime, cement and polymer product from Townsville to site
  • Site management and storage of material supply to ensure no interruption to the works
  • Working in an environmentally sensitive area on Cape York Peninsula
  • Working in remote areas
  • Working in extreme conditions
  • Personnel accommodation consisted of camping facilities only
  • Working in conjunction with Cook Shire Council to achieve productivity targets far in excess to that normally encountered
  • Indigenous involvement in this project with employees and sub-contractors was above 33%
  • RCG employees participating in training 35%
  • Logistics of transporting a high volume of materials from Townsville to site (Avg. 3 x B Doubles per day)
  • Working with three different stabilisation additives