Paving is the process of applying a road surface being newly constructed or reconstructed, which can be achieved by application of multiple methodologies. Utilising a Paver Machine for application of gravel base is to apply latest technology and time and cost savings.

Robinson Civil Group (RCG) offers a complete paving and asphalt service:

  • Replacement and reconstruction
  • Repairs such as patching, milling and overlay/resurfacing
  • Gravel overlaying/paving

Corrector Course

Using a paver to lay corrector courses for stabilizing ensures uniform, precision layering of road base while offering increased efficiencies up to the stage of final trim. In addition to providing a more uniform and accurate result, this integrated approach can help reduce construction timeframes.
All machines come with fully trained, experienced and competent operators backed up by field service fitters and workshop personnel.


Vogele Super 2100-3 Tracked Paver

  • One of the most powerful pavers in the new 'dash 3' generation from Vogele and the first of its kind in Australia
  • Versatile and highly productive with low fuel consumption and reduced operating noise
  • Infinitely variable width screed with the addition of the AB600 TP2
  • Pave widths of between 3000mm and 6000mm
  • Can pave to width of 9500mm with bolt on extension
  • Tamper and two pressure bars ensure up to 95% compaction directly out of the screed
  • Hopper capacity of 14 tonnes
  • Adjustable auger feed and high traction allow the paver to lay down materials at high capacity precisely to nominated depths
  • Suitable for gravel and asphalt paving operations