Stabilization is the cold recycling of an entire road or carriage way, while adding various binding agents such as powder binders, liquid polymer, or foamed bitumen. It is a cost effective, economically and environmentally friendly solution to restore damaged road pavements to stable layers of high bearing capacity.

Cold recycling involves milling and mixing in-situ of the existing pavement structure and 100% re-use of both bound and unbound layers. Robinson Civil Group (RCG) offers cement, lime and foam bitumen stabilization Queensland-wide for the private, mining, local and state government sectors.

Integrated Approach – Corrector Course

Robinson Civil Group (RCG) utilise leading methodology with a paver to lay corrector courses for stabilization resulting in a stronger finished product. Our 6 meter Vogele Super 2100-3 Tracked Paver is a high capacity machine that can lay corrector course precisely to nominated depths with compaction up to 95%.

Integrated Approach – Subgrade Replacement

Robinson Civil Group (RCG) utilises methodology with the profiler to mill out existing Base layer and to stock pile on site. The unsuitable subgrade is milled out and disposed of, while the base is returned as subgrade replacement by either; unbound material, or stabilized at stockpile and returned as cement modified material, or returned unbound and in-situ stabilized.

All machines come with fully trained, experienced and competent operators backed up by field service fitters and workshop personnel (complying with Transport and Main Roads requirements under MRTS07 A, B & C).


Stabilizers002Wirtgen, WR2400 and WR240 Stabilizers

  • Work to a width of 2400mm
  • Milling and recycling to a depth of up to 500mm
  • Equipped with microprocessor-controlled injection systems for water, emulsion, or foamed bitumen
  • Precisely meters the quantities added to ensure optimum mix quality
  • Individual control of spraying nozzles of injection systems
  • Suitable for soil moisture incorporation


Stabilizers004Streumaster SW16MC and SW20MC Computerised Binding Agent Spreaders – Truck Mounted

  • Computerised binding agent spreaders strategically matched with our Wirtgen stabilizers
  • Latest technology and fluent process in the field of cold recycling and soil stabilization
  • SW16MC model has 16 cubic metre capacity
  • SW20MC model has 20 cubic meter capacity
  • Able to spread binding agents; hydrated lime, quick lime, cement blends, and other agents for various purposes.